Subdivision Description
S4900 1209 Estates
S4940 2430 Acres
S4945 290 Business Park
S4950 4-M Subdivision
S4960 A Jim Stanley Subdivision
S4965 A & J Subdivision
S4975 AAA Bastrop Storage Subdivision
S5000 Aaron Acres
S5010 Adrian Ford Subdivision
S5020 Alexander
S5022 Allen Acres Phase 1
S5025 Alliance
S5030 Alum Creek Estates
S5031 Alum Creek Estates (replat)
S5040 Alum Creek Village
S5045 Alum Creek Village Sec 2
S5050 Adell Powell Subdivision
S5051 Alta Ridge
S5052 Alum Park Place
S5060 Anderson Addition
S5065 Arbor Hills
S5068 Arbuckle
S5069 Ark 1 Hospitality Subdivision
S5070 Artesian Oaks
S5071 Artesian Oaks Sec 2
S5072 Artesian Oaks Sec 3
S5075 Attra Subdivision
S5076 Ashland Pines
S5077 Ashby Subdivision
S5079 Austin Community College Elgin Campus Subdivision
S5080 Austin Skyline Section 6
S5083 Austin Telco Subdivision
S5085 Autumn Hills Subdivision
S5086 Avery-Fellhauer Subdivision
S5087 Awad Addition
S5088 Ayala Subdivision
S5089 B & B Subdivision
S5090 B S & P Enterprises
S5100 Backwoods
S5120 Baker
S5125 Ballentine Acres
S5130 Bar L Mesa
S5135 Bartholemew Subdivision
S5140 Bastrop Business And Industrial Park, Phase 1
S5145 Bastrop – Chapa
S5150 Bastrop County Oaks
S5151 Bastrop Convention Center Subdivision
S5152 Bastrop Christian Church Subdivision
S5153 Bastrop Resort
S5155 Bastrop West Commercial Sec 1
S5156 Bastrop West Commercial Sec 2
S5157 Bastrop West Commercial Single Lot 1
S5158 Bastrop West Commercial Double Lot One
S5159 Bastrop West Commercial Section Iii
S5160 Bastrop County West
S5164 Bastrop County West Lot 24 (resub)
S5165 Bastrop County West Lot 27 (resub)
S5166 Bastrop County West Lot 28 (resub)
S5172 Bastrop County West Lot 49 (resub)
S5173 Bastrop County West Lot 70 (resub)
S5175 Bastrop County West Oaks
S5178 Bastrop Cove Estates
S5180 Bastrop Hills
S5181 Bastrop Hills Homesites, Section 1
S5190 Bastrop West Estates
S5200 Bastrop Woods
S5205 Beaver Road Estates
S5210 Beck, N.H.P. & Prokop Subdivision Section One
S5211 Beck, N.H.P. & Prokop Subdivision Section Two
S5220 Belltaire I
S5230 Bernard Seidel Subdivision
S5240 Biggs
S5245 Bilmar Acres Subd
S5250 BISD Cedar Creek Elementary Subdivision
S5251 BISD Intermediate Subdivision
S5256 Block 37 Subdivision
S5258 Bluebonnet Acres No. 2
S5260 Bluebonnet Acres Sec 1
S5261 Bluebonnet Acres Sec 2
S5262 Bluebonnet Acres
S5265 Bluebonnet Acres Sec 2
S5266 Bluebonnet Acres Block C
S5267 Bluebonnet Park
S5268 Bluebonnet Parkway Business Park
S5269 Bluebonnet Electric Subdivision
S5270 Blue Oaks
S5273 Boatwright Subdivision
S5274 Bob Cat Run
S5275 Boettcher Addition
S5276 Brittain Acres
S5277 Bracewell Subdivision
S5278 Bradford Subdivision
S5279 Brook Hurta Subdivision
S5280 Brooks
S5285 Buc-ee’s Store 28 Subdivision
S5290 Buena Vista West
S5300 Buescher Subdivision
S5310 Building Block
S5320 Bunte
S5340 Burleson
S5350 Burleson Crossing
S5360 Burleson Heights
S5365 Butler Ranch
S5375 Boyd Acres
S5380 Byrne
S5390 C & J Subdivision
S5400 Cedar Creek Properties
S5404 Camp Swift Ranch, Section One
S5405 C C Smith Subdivision
S5406 Camp Swift Ranches
S5407 Cannon Subdivision
S5408 Cannon Addition
S5409 Camp Swift Ranch, Section II-A
S5410 Contonment Heights
S5420 Carter, A.H.
S5421 Caprice Dotson Subdivision
S5422 Carrigan Subdivision
S5423 Carter Glass Sec 1
S5424 Carter Glass Sec 2
S5425 Carter, R Marvin Sec 1
S5426 Carter, R Marvin Sec 2
S5427 Carter, R Marvin Sec 3
S5428 Carter, R Marvin Subdivision
S5430 Carter, R L Subdivision
S5440 Cartwright
S5445 Cassena Ranch
S5450 Cedar Creek Bend Phase One
S5451 Cedar Creek Bend Phase Two-a
S5452 Cedar Creek Bend Phase Two-B
S5453 Cedar Creek Bend Phase Three
S5454 Cedar Creek C of C
S5455 Cedar Creek Farms
S5457 Cedar Creek Junction
S5460 Cedar Creek Ninety
S5470 Cedar Creek Ranches
S5480 Cedar Hills Sec 1
S5482 Cedar Hills Sec 1 Lots 1,2 (resub)
S5484 Cedar Hills Sec 1 Lots 20,32 (resub)
S5486 Cedar Hills Sec 2
S5488 Cedar View Estates
S5490 Centers of Woodland Village Bastrop
S5493 Central Avenue
S5498 Chalmers Subdivision
S5499 Charles & Cynthia Pence Subdivision
S5500 Charro Estates
S5520 Cherylton Hills Sec 1
S5525 Cherylton Hills Sec 2
S5530 Chigger Bite Ranch
S5531 Childress Addition
S5532 Cielo Vista Ranch
S5533 Childress 2nd Addition
S5534 Cielo Vista Ranch, Section Two
S5535 Circle D Sec 1
S5537 Circle D East Sec 1 Lots 1 Thru 4 (resub)
S5539 Circle D Sec 1 Lots 52,53 (resub)
S5540 Chestnut Square
S5542 Circle D Sec 2
S5543 Circle D Sec 3
S5544 Circle D Sec 4
S5545 Circle D Sec 5
S5546 Circle D Sec 6
S5547 Circle D Sec 7
S5548 Circle D Sec 8
S5549 Circle D Sec 9
S5550 Circle D Sec 9 Lot 20 (replat)
S5551 Circle D Sec 10
S5553 Circle D East
S5555 Circle D East Tr 4 (resub)
S5556 C J O Addition
S5557 Circle D East Tr 8 (resub)
S5558 Clark Addition
S5559 Clay Terrell Subdivision
S5560 Clearview Estates
S5561 City of Elgin Water Tower
S5562 Cleveland Subdivision
S5563 Colorado Subdivision
S5564 Coastal Patch Subdivision
S5565 Colorado Estates
S5574 Shenandoah Subdivision Phase One
S5575 Shelia Moore Subdivision
S5620 Colorado Heights
S5640 Colorado River Estates
S5660 Colorado River Ranchettes
S5670 Colorado Shores Ltd
S5673 Colovista Country Club Section One
S5674 Colovista Country Club Section 2
S5675 Colovista Estates Section One
S5676 Colovista Country Club Section 3
S5677 Colovista Country Club, Section 4
S5678 Colovista Country Club, Section 5
S5679 Colovista Country Club, Section 4A
S5680 Conway
S5681 Colovista Country Club, Section 6
S5682 Colovista Estates, Section Two, Block A
S5683 Colovista Country Club, Section 4B
S5684 Colovista Townhomes Section One-A
S5685 Corlin Subdivision
S5690 Cortez Subdivision
S5695 County Line Subdivision Phase III
S5696 County Line Subdivision Phase Il – Bastrop County
S5697 Convenience Store
S5698 County Line Subdivision Phase 1 (Bastrop County)
S5699 County Line Subdivision Phase 1 (Travis County)
S5700 Cotton Top Hills
S5701 Country Oaks
S5702 Country Meadows
S5705 Covert Automobile Dealership Subdivision
S5707 Coyote Hills Estates-Section 1
S5708 Craddock Court
S5709 Coyote Run
S5710 Creek Ridge Estates
S5711 Crane Estates
S5715 Creppon Addition
S5720 Cricket Hollow
S5730 Crescent Village, Section One
S5735 Cross Creek Acres
S5740 Culp Subdivision
S5750 Damas Subdivision
S5760 Dannelley
S5764 Davenport Acres
S5765 Dean’s Subdivision
S5767 Deer Cove
S5769 Deer Run Sec 1
S5770 Deer Trail
S5775 Desiderata
S5777 Dewitty Acres
S5780 Dildy
S5785 Doc Holliday’s Acres
S5800 Dodgen
S5802 Dollar General – Bastrop Hwy 95
S5803 Dominguez Subdivision
S5805 Don A Stewart Subdivision
S5807 Donald Thorne Subdivision Plat
S5810 Doty River Estates
S5811 Doty River Estates (River Front)
S5813 Double “S” Ranch
S5815 Driving Range Subdivision
S5817 Dulaney Estates
S5819 Eagle’s Landing Phase One
S5820 Eagleston
S5825 East Travis Hills
S5826 Eastken Place
S5827 Easterrain Subdivision
S5830 El Camino Real
S5831 El Camino Real Estates Section 2
S5835 Elgin Autozone Subdivision
S5838 Elgin Business Park
S5840 Elgin City
S5841 Elgin City Blk 30 Lots 1,2 (resub)
S5843 Elgin Country Acres
S5850 Elgin Family Medical Center
S5855 Elgin Infill Subdivision #1
S5860 Elgin Meadows
S5863 Elgin Oaks Sec 1
S5864 Elgin Oaks Two
S5865 Elgin Point West Sec 1
S5866 Elgin Point West Sec 2
S5868 Elgin Village-I Subdivision
S5869 Elgin Veterinary Hospital Addition to the City of Elgin
S5870 Elgin West Countryside
S5880 Elgin Woods
S5885 Elgin Village Subdivision
S5890 Elliott Addition
S5895 Elm Creek Section 4
S5896 Elm Creek Section 3
S5897 Elm Creek Section 2
S5898 Elm Creek Section 1
S5899 Elm Forest
S5900 Ellis
S5901 Elm Grove Phase One
S5902 Elm Ridge Sec 1 A
S5903 Elm Ridge Sec 1 B
S5904 Elm Ridge Sec 1 C
S5907 Elroy No. 1
S5908 Emerson 71 Subdivision
S5909 Enchanted Rock Subdivision
S5910 English Country
S5915 English Hill
S5920 English Woods
S5940 Escondido Estates
S5945 Eskew Subdivision
S5950 Estates At Wilbarger Creek Sec 1
S5953 Ewing Addition
S5954 Faldyn Subdivision
S5955 Family Farm Tracts
S5960 Farm Lot
S5965 Farm Lot 17 W M St (resubdivision)
S5966 Farm Lot 18 E M St (Resubdivision)
S5968 Faulk’s Acres
S5970 Fawn Ridge
S5974 First State Bank Subdivision
S5975 Fayette Street Subdivision
S5976 Flag Hill Subdivision
S5977 Flores, M V
S5978 First National Bank Of Bastrop-elgin Subdivision
S5979 First Assembly Of God
S5981 Fm 969 Ranchettes
S5988 Ford Estates
S6000 Forest Lakes
S6001 Forest Park Estates
S6002 Forest Ridge Estates
S6003 Fowler, Mary E
S6004 Foundation Minitries Subdivision Plat
S6005 S6005 – Fox Run
S6006 S6006 – Frank – Shelby Subdivision
S6007 S6007 – Fredrickson
S6010 S6010 – Freeman Addition
S6011 Frontier Crossing Subdivision
S6012 S6012 – Frost Addition
S6013 S6013 – G & R Subdivision
S6014 Fuqua Estates
S6015 S6015 – G. S. M.
S6017 S6017 – Garden Hills
S6018 S6018 – Garden Land Subdivision
S6020 S6020 – Garrett
S6021 S6021 – Garrett’s Second Addition
S6060 S6060 – Gillum
S6061 S6061 – Gnome Hollow
S6063 S6063 – Goins Subdivision
S6064 S6064 – Golden Acres Subdivision
S6065 S6065 – Gordon, Doris E
S6066 S6066 – Golden Chick Subdivision
S6070 Graham Estates
S6080 S6080 – Gravelly Oaks
S6090 S6090 – Great Oaks
S6100 S6100 – Green Acres
S6120 S6120 – Green Oaks
S6128 S6128 – Green Valley Subdivision
S6130 S6130 – Green Fields
S6131 Grohman Place
S6132 S6132 – Hanuman Subdivision
S6133 S6133 – Greens Creek Ranches
S6134 S6134 – Griesenbeck Subdivision
S6135 S6135 – H. P. Land
S6136 S6136 – Harmony Acres
S6137 S6137 – Hannath Subdivision
S6138 S6138 – Haffelder Subdivision
S6139 S6139 – Hawkins Commercial
S6140 S6140 – Hasler River Shores
S6141 S6141 – Haverland
S6142 S6142 – Hebb Subdivision
S6143 S6143 – Heritage Oaks Sec 1
S6144 S6144 – Heritage Oaks Sec 2
S6145 S6145 – Hidden Meadow Estates
S6146 S6146 – Hidden Oaks Sec 1
S6147 S6147 – Hidden Oaks Sec 2
S6148 S6148 – Hidden Pines
S6149 S6149 – HEB – Elgin Subdivision
S6150 S6150 – Hidden Shores
S6151 Hayes Acres
S6152 Hibbs Subdivision
S6153 Hackberry Hollow
S6160 S6160 – Henry Murphy Addition
S6180 S6180 – Higgins Addition
S6183 S6183 – Higgins Meadow
S6185 S6185 – High Grove Acres
S6188 S6188 – High Grove Ranch
S6194 S6194 – High View Ranch Subdivision, Phase 3B
S6195 S6195 – High Pines
S6196 S6196 – High View Ranch, Phase 3A
S6197 S6197 – Hilbigsville
S6198 S6198 – High View Ranch Section One
S6199 S6199 – High View Ranch Subdivision, Phase 2
S6200 S6200 – Hillcrest Addition
S6201 High View Ranch Subdivision, Phase 3C
S6202 High View Ranch Subdivision, Phase 3D
S6203 S6203 – Hillcrest Addition Elgin
S6210 S6210 – Hillside Sub Sec 1
S6211 S6211 – Hillside Sub Sec 2
S6212 S6212 – Hillside Sub Sec 3
S6220 S6220 – Historic Harris Oaks
S6225 S6225 – Holiday Hills
S6250 Hoover Addition
S6260 S6260 – Horseshoe Lake (acreage)
S6265 S6265 – Horseshoe Lake Section 1
S6273 Hunter Subdivision
S6274 Hunter’s Crossing Section One A
S6275 Hunter’s Meadow
S6276 Hunter’s Crossing Section Two A
S6277 Hunter’s Crossing Section Two B
S6278 Hunter’s Crossing Section Three A
S6279 Hunter’s Crossing Section Four A
S6280 Hunter’s Crossing Section Three B
S6281 Hunter’s Crossing Section Five A
S6282 Hunter’s Crossing Section Three C
S6283 Hunter’s Crossing Section Three D
S6284 Hunter’s Crossing Section Four B
S6285 Hunter’s Crossing Section Three G
S6286 Hunter’s Crossing Section Seven A
S6287 Hunter’s Crossing Section Two C
S6288 Hunter’s Crossing Section Eight A
S6289 Hwy 20 Subdivision
S6290 S6290 – Idle Acres Section 1
S6291 Hunter’s Crossing Section Two D
S6292 Hunter’s Crossing Section Seven B
S6293 Hunters Crossing Bear Hunter Drive Phase 1
S6295 S6295 – Idle Acres Section 2
S6300 S6300 – Indian Lake Section 1
S6305 S6305 – Indian Lake Section 2
S6310 S6310 – Indian Lake Section 3
S6311 S6311 – Indian Lake Section 4
S6315 S6315 – Industrial Park Subdivision
S6320 S6320 – Isles, P. B.
S6323 J M Ranch
S6324 Jackson Square Subdivision
S6325 J & T Hoover/W-2 Subdivision
S6326 James C Steglich Subdivision
S6327 J A Estates
S6328 Jarmon Subdivision
S6329 S6329 – J N Nagle Estates
S6330 S6330 – J D S Business Park
S6331 S6331 – Janstar Place
S6332 S6332 – Jacobs Landing
S6333 S6333 – J R Subdivision
S6334 S6334 – Jacobson Estates
S6335 S6335 – Jones, Henry Subdivision
S6336 S6336 – Jeff Cooper Tract
S6337 S6337 – John’s Guns Subdivision
S6338 S6338 – John Wessels Subdivision
S6339 S6339 – Jefferson Street Addition
S6340 S6340 – Jones
S6341 S6341 – K C Estates Sec 1
S6342 S6342 – K C Estates Sec 2
S6343 S6343 – K C Estates Sec 3
S6344 S6344 – K C Estates Sec 4
S6347 Kanak Place
S6348 S6348 – Kaufman Estates
S6350 S6350 – Kee-el
S6354 Kerr Community Center
S6355 S6355 – Kelly Subdivision
S6356 Kirklin Subdivision
S6357 Knobbs Landing
S6359 S6359 – L & R Business Park
S6360 S6360 – La Colonia Buena Vista
S6365 S6365 – La Reata Ranch Sec 1
S6366 S6366 – La Reata Ranch Sec 2
S6381 S6381 – Lake Bastrop Acres Sec 1
S6382 S6382 – Lake Bastrop Acres Sec 2
S6383 S6383 – Lake Bastrop Acres Sec 3
S6384 S6384 – Lake Bastrop Acres Sec 4
S6385 S6385 – Lake Bastrop Acres Sec 5
S6386 S6386 – Lake Bastrop Acres Sec 6
S6387 S6387 – Lake Bastrop Acres Sec 4 (resub Of Lots 3,4,5, Block
S6400 S6400 – Lake Bastrop Club
S6417 S6417 – Lake Bastrop Estates Pl2
S6418 S6418 – Lake Bastrop Estates Pl 1
S6419 S6419 – Lake Bastrop Estates Pl 3
S6420 S6420 – Lake Bastrop Estates Pl 3 Lot 11 (resub)
S6421 S6421 – Lake Bastrop Estates Un 1
S6422 S6422 – Lake Bastrop Estates Un 2
S6423 S6423 – Lake Bastrop Estates Un 3
S6440 S6440 – Lake Bastrop Pines
S6460 S6460 – Lake Bastrop Ranchettes
S6465 S6465 – Lake Creek Estates
S6471 S6471 – Lake Thunderbird Sec 1
S6472 S6472 – Lake Thunderbird Sec 2
S6473 S6473 – Lake Thunderbird Sec 3
S6474 S6474 – Lake Thunderbird Sec 4
S6478 Lakeside Phase 1 & 2
S6481 S6481 – Lakeview Estates Sec 1
S6490 Land Division of 21.988 Acres
S6495 S6495 – Lanford Addition
S6510 Laurens’ Subdivision
S6540 S6540 – Lazy Acres
S6550 S6550 – Lazy B & J
S6560 S6560 – Lazy River Acres
S6563 S6563 – Lee-Jackson & Fowler Subdivision
S6565 S6565 – Legend Oaks Phase One
S6566 S6566 – Legend Oaks, Phase Two
S6568 Lemberg Place
S6570 S6570 – Lerche Subdivision
S6575 Lesso Subdivision
S6580 S6580 – Lexington Estates
S6586 S6586 – Levermann Subdivision
S6591 S6591 – Lincoln Lake Est Unit 1
S6592 S6592 – Lincoln Lake Est Unit 2
S6593 S6593 – Lincoln Lake Est Unit 3
S6594 S6594 – Lincoln Lake Est Unit 4
S6596 S6596 – Lincoln Street Subdivision
S6598 Linda’s Lots
S6600 S6600 – Little Mcacres
S6620 S6620 – Little Mcacres Resub
S6625 S6625 – Little Piney Creek Est
S6630 S6630 – Little Prairie Estates
S6640 S6640 – Littig
S6645 S6645 – Logan-parham Subdivision
S6647 S6647 – Lone Star Acres
S6648 Lone Star Storage Subdivision
S6650 S6650 – Long Short Form Subdivision
S6670 S6670 – Long View Estates
S6675 S6675 – Loraine Estates
S6680 S6680 – Lost Pines Development
S6700 S6700 – Lost Pines Park
S6703 S6703 – Lott Addition
S6704 S6704 – Lotta Estates
S6706 S6706 – Lundgren Commercial No. 1
S6709 S6709 – Lynnwood Subdivision Replat
S6719 S6719 – Lytton Acres
S6720 S6720 – Lytton Oaks
S6725 S6725 – M & D Storit Subdivision
S6726 S6726 – M & D Storit Subdivision No. 2
S6730 S6730 – M P Properties
S6740 S6740 – Madison, J. C.
S6750 S6750 – Mae Subdivision
S6760 S6760 – Magnolia Park
S6764 Main & Spring Subdivision
S6765 S6765 – Majors’ Subdivision
S6766 Manda Acres, Section One
S6767 S6767 – Marino’s Cove
S6770 S6770 – Martin’s Meadow Subdivision
S6775 S6775 – Martinez Addition
S6780 S6780 – Martinson
S6790 Marshall O. Whitmire Subdivision
S6793 Mary Christian Burleson Homestead Subdivision
S6795 Mathison Addition
S6800 S6800 – Masonic
S6801 Mayfair Park
S6802 S6802 – Maximus Subdivision
S6807 McCarther
S6815 S6815 – McClure, Donald F
S6820 S6820 – McDade City
S6825 S6825 – McDonald Lane East Subdivision
S6830 S6830 – McElwreath Properties
S6832 S6832 – McGee Subdivision (city)
S6833 S6833 – McFarland Subdivision
S6834 S6834 – Mcgee Subdivision
S6835 S6835 – Meadow Lake Heights
S6836 S6836 – Mckinney Roughs
S6837 S6837 – Meadowwood Sec 1
S6838 S6838 – Meadowwood Sec 2
S6839 S6839 – Meadow Glen
S6840 S6840 – Mesa Pinto
S6860 S6860 – Mesa Verde Estates
S6861 S6861 – Mesa View Estates
S6862 S6862 – Mesa Vista
S6866 S6866 – Mesquite Acres
S6867 S6867 – Milby Subdivision
S6868 S6868 – Miles
S6869 Miller-Kahl Amending Plat Block 10, Tahitian Village Unit 1
S6870 S6870 – Milton Mutschink S/d S1
S6871 S6871 – Mirabella Subdivision
S6872 S6872 – MLK Estates
S6873 S6873 – Mobile Housing Park
S6875 S6875 – Mogonye
S6876 S6876 – Mollyanna Resubdivision
S6877 S6877 – Moore, Rhonda
S6878 Moncure Addition
S6879 Monterrey Hills Subdivision Section 1
S6880 S6880 – Mt Pleasant
S6881 Morris Addition
S6882 Monterrey Hills Subdivision Section 2
S6883 Monterrey Hills Section 3
S6884 Momin & Maredia Subdivision
S6930 S6930 – Muery
S6933 S6933 – Murchison 1
S6935 S6935 – New Covenant Church Sec 1
S6937 S6937 – New Covenant Church Sec 2 & 1.000 Acre Tract (replat
S6938 S6938 – Newton Street
S6939 No Wonder
S6940 S6940 – North Acres
S6941 P & G Subdivision
S6942 Norwood Lane Subdivision
S6950 S6950 – North Main Addition
S6960 S6960 – North Terrace
S6970 S6970 – Oak Forest Section 1
S6971 S6971 – Oak Forest Section 2
S6975 S6975 – Oak Grande
S6977 S6977 – Oak Grove Estates
S6980 S6980 – Oak Hill
S6985 S6985 – Oak Hill Forest
S6987 Oak Hollow
S6990 S6990 – Oak Meadow Retirement Community
S6992 S6992 – Oak Meadows Subdivision
S7000 S7000 – Oak Ridge Estates Sec 1
S7001 S7001 – Oak Ridge Estates Sec 2
S7009 Oakhurst Manor
S7010 S7010 – O’Connor Subdivision
S7011 S7011 – Oakwood Estates Subdivision
S7014 Old Lexington Subdivision
S7016 S7016 – Oliver Subdivision
S7018 Olmsted Subdivision
S7020 S7020 – Oney
S7040 S7040 – Overlook
S7045 Owens Tract Subdivision
S7050 S7050 – Ori Addition
S7051 Ori Addition II
S7052 Ori Addition III
S7060 S7060 – Ortiz, J.
S7062 S7062 – Pagebrook West
S7065 S7065 – Paige
S7070 S7070 – Paige North
S7075 Paint Brush Trail
S7080 S7080 – Paramore
S7085 S7085 – Park Ridge Estates Section 1
S7086 S7086 – Park Ridge Estates Section 2
S7095 S7095 – Parkdale
S7097 S7097 – Parker Estates Replat
S7100 S7100 – Park Hill Farms
S7101 S7101 – Patrick Subdivision
S7102 S7102 – Patterson Subdivision
S7103 S7103 – Patricia’s Subdivision
S7105 S7105 – Patti Tracts
S7112 S7112 – Pearson Ranches
S7120 S7120 – Pecan Acres
S7130 S7130 – Pecan Green
S7139 S7139 – Pecan Grove (Bastrop Co)
S7140 S7140 – Pecan Groves
S7160 S7160 – Pecan Shores
S7170 S7170 – Pecan Street Subdivision
S7180 S7180 – Pecan Valley
S7181 Pecan Valley Estates
S7190 S7190 – Pentagon Subdivision
S7200 S7200 – Persimmon Hills North
S7201 S7201 – Persimmon Hills South
S7203 Peterson West
S7207 S7207 – Phillips Subdivision
S7210 S7210 – Piedra Roja Estates
S7212 Pin Oak Estates
S7215 S7215 – Pine Bluff Subdivision
S7220 S7220 – Pine Cove Estates
S7221 S7221 – Pine Forest Golf Villas Sec 1
S7222 S7222 – Pine Forest Unit 6 Ph II
S7223 S7223 – Pine Forest Golf Villas Sec 2
S7224 S7224 – Pine Forest Golf Club
S7225 S7225 – Pine Forest Unit 7 Ph III
S7226 S7226 – Pine Forest Unit 8 Ph III
S7227 S7227 – Pine Forest Unit 9 Ph III
S7228 S7228 – Pine Forest Unit 10 P III
S7229 S7229 – Pine Forest Unit 11 P III
S7230 S7230 – Pine Forest Unit 12 P III
S7231 S7231 – Pine Forest Unit 13 P III
S7232 S7232 – Pine Forest Unit 14 P III
S7233 S7233 – Pine Forest Unit 15 P III
S7234 S7234 – Pine Forest Units 10 & 13 Ph III, Resubdivision
S7241 S7241 – Pine Hill Estates Sec 1
S7242 S7242 – Pine Hill Estates Sec 2
S7260 S7260 – Pine Junction North
S7280 S7280 – Pine Junction South
S7290 S7290 – Pine Oak Estates
S7300 S7300 – Pine Ridge Farms
S7310 S7310 – Pine Tree Cattle Ranch
S7315 S7315 – Pine Valley
S7317 S7317 – Pine Valley Sec 2
S7320 S7320 – Pine Valley Estates Sec 1
S7325 S7325 – Pine Valley Estates Sec 2
S7330 S7330 – Pine View Estates
S7335 Pine Vista Commercial Subdivision
S7340 S7340 – Pine Wood
S7360 S7360 – Piney Creek
S7365 Piney Creek Subdivision (Bastrop)
S7380 S7380 – Piney Ridge Sec 1 Replat
S7383 S7383 – Piney Ridge Sec 2 Replat
S7385 S7385 – Piney Ridge Sec 3 Replat
S7403 S7403 – Pioneer Pines Farms
S7404 S7404 – Pleasant Grove
S7405 S7405 – Pleasant Heights
S7410 S7410 – Ponderosa Homestead
S7412 S7412 – Ponderosa Park
S7413 S7413 – Pope Bend Subdivision
S7414 S7414 – Porter Ranch Subdivision
S7415 S7415 – Primitive Pines Replat
S7416 Powell-Kresge Subdivision
S7417 S7417 – Pruitt Addition
S7420 S7420 – Puckett
S7425 Purcell Pointe Subdivision
S7430 S7430 – Quail Run Townhome Sub
S7435 S7435 – R C Hall Addition
S7436 S7436 – R C Sharp Subdivision
S7440 S7440 – Racoon Ridge
S7442 S7442 – Rainbow East
S7443 S7443 – Rainbow East Sec Il
S7445 S7445 – Rainbow Hill
S7446 S7446 – Rainbow Hill Sec II
S7447 Raptor Tracts
S7448 S7448 – Raumaker Subdivision Re-plat
S7449 Reality Point Subdivision
S7450 S7450 – Reyna Addition
S7451 Rancho Encino Subdivision Phase One
S7457 Red Gully Creek
S7459 S7459 – Red Hawk Subdivision
S7460 S7460 – Red Rock
S7463 S7463 – Red Rock Acres (replat)
S7464 S7464 – Red Rock Pines
S7465 S7465 – Red Rock Ranch Subdivision
S7470 S7470 – Red Town
S7471 Reeves Ranch
S7472 Regency Subdivision
S7473 Regier Subdivision
S7474 Rio Vista Ranch, Section Two
S7475 S7475 – Reddell Subdivision
S7476 Rio Vista Ranch Section One
S7477 Renter’s Landing
S7478 Renter’s Landing II Subdivision
S7479 Riddle Subdivision
S7480 S7480 – Rianna Woods Subdivision
S7481 S7481 – River Oaks Section 1
S7482 S7482 – River Oaks Section 2
S7483 S7483 – River Meadows – Phase One
S7484 S7484 – Riverchase Estates Subdivision
S7485 S7485 – River Meadows – Phase Two
S7486 River Oaks, Section Three
S7487 S7487 – River Crossing Section 1
S7488 S7488 – River Crossing – Section Two
S7489 River Place Subdivision
S7490 S7490 – River Terrace
S7495 S7495 – River Walk Subdivision
S7500 S7500 – Riverdale
S7510 S7510 – Riverside Grove Subdivision Phase 1
S7511 S7511 – Riverside Grove Subdivision Phase 2
S7512 S7512 – Riverside Grove Subdivision Phase 3
S7513 S7513 – Riverside Grove Subdivision Phase 4
S7514 S7514 – Riverside Grove Subdivision Phase 5
S7515 S7515 – Riverside Grove Subdivision Phase 6
S7520 S7520 – Riverside Heights
S7540 S7540 – Riverside Park
S7545 S7545 – Riverside Vista
S7550 S7550 – Riverview Heights
S7551 Riverview Addition To The City Of Smithville
S7552 S7552 – Rob-ott Acres
S7560 S7560 – Riverwood Acres
S7563 Ro-Bara
S7564 Robert G. Anstey Subdivision
S7565 S7565 – Royal Pines Estates
S7570 S7570 – Rocking “S” Estates
S7580 S7580 – Roemer
S7600 S7600 – Rolling Oaks
S7620 S7620 – Rolling Oak Farm
S7630 S7630 – Ronnie Moore Subdivision
S7640 S7640 – Rosanky
S7650 S7650 – Rowan Acres
S7655 Rubio Estate
S7660 S7660 – Rucker
S7662 Ruiz Subdivision
S7665 S7665 – Saigon Plaza Addition
S7668 Sam Craig Homestead
S7670 S7670 – Sanders Estates
S7685 S7685 – Sandy Knoll Acres
S7690 S7690 – Saratoga Farms Subdivision Section One
S7691 Saratoga Farms Subdivision Section Two
S7697 Sayers Road Estates
S7700 S7700 – Sayersville
S7701 Savannah Subdivision
S7703 S7703 – Scarlet Oaks
S7704 S7704 – Resubdivision Of Lots 24 & 25 Scarlet Oaks
S7705 S7705 – Sayers Addition
S7710 S7710 – Scenic Farm Subdivision
S7715 S7715 – Schaefer West
S7720 S7720 – Scheumack
S7721 S7721 – Schiff Residence Subdivision
S7723 S7723 – Schilling – Huth Subdivision
S7725 S7725 – Schroeder Subdivision
S7726 Skocdopole Subdivision
S7727 Seidel-Goertz Subdivision
S7730 Settlement On The Colorado
S7731 S7731 – Settlement Estates
S7734 S7734 – Sendero Estates – Section III
S7735 S7735 – Sendero Estates – Section II
S7736 S7736 – Servantez Subdivision
S7740 S7740 – Shadow Oaks Trailer Park
S7745 Shady Elm Subdivision
S7750 S7750 – Shady Oaks
S7753 S7753 – Shaw’s Dynasty
S7754 S7754 – Shenandoah Subdivision Phase Two
S7755 S7755 – Shirlene’s Lot
S7756 S7756 – Shenandoah Subdivision Phase Three
S7757 S7757 – Shenandoah Subdivision Phase Vii
S7758 S7758 – Shenandoah Subdivision Phase Vi
S7759 S7759 – Shenandoah Subdivision Phase Iv
S7760 S7760 – Silent Valley
S7761 S7761 – Shenandoah Subdivision Phase V
S7776 Re-subdivision Of The Derek Vangilder Tract
S7780 S7780 – Smith, H. B.
S7800 S7800 – Smith, J. S.
S7820 S7820 – Smithville Townsite
S7825 S7825 – Smithville West
S7826 Smoot Subdivision, Being the Resubdivision of Block 18, Lots
S7827 S7827 – Snowden Ventures I
S7828 S7828 – Sopko & Keeling Subdivision
S7829 Snowden Ventures II
S7830 S7830 – South Ridge Estates
S7835 S7835 – South Ninetyfive
S7836 S7836 – South Paige Estates
S7837 S7837 – South Upton Estates
S7840 S7840 – Spring Hollow
S7845 St. Barnards Subdivision
S7850 S7850 – St Johns
S7855 S7855 – St Mary Subdivision
S7860 S7860 – Stabeno
S7880 S7880 – Stach
S7885 S7885 – Stagefright Moxi
S7900 S7900 – Stallion Creek (replat)
S7905 S7905 – Stanberry Subdivision
S7910 S7910 – Steel Yard Subdivision
S7921 S7921 – Stony Point Section 1
S7922 S7922 – Stony Point Section 2
S7931 S7931 – String Prairie Acres
S7936 Subdivision of a Portion of Clubhouse Area, TV Unit 1
S7940 S7940 – Suburbia Estates
S7943 Sullins Addition
S7945 S7945 – Sun Ridge Estates
S7950 S7950 – Sunnyside Acres
S7960 S7960 – Sunset Heights
S7970 S7970 – Sunset View
S7972 S7972 – Sunset View Sec II
S7974 S7974 – Sweethome Estates
S7976 S7976 – Sweetwater Subdivision
S7977 Synergy Centre
S7980 S7980 – Tahitian Village, Unit 1
S7982 S7982 – Tahitian Village, Unit 2
S7983 S7983 – Tahitian Village, Unit 3
S7984 S7984 – Tahitian Village, Unit 4
S7985 S7985 – Tahitian Village, Unit 5
S7997 S7997 – Tanglewood Addition
S8000 S8000 – Taylor Addition
S8010 S8010 – Terra Subdivision
S8015 S8015 – Terry Johnson Estates
S8019 The Colony Mud 1E, Section 1
S8020 S8020 – Texas Heritage
S8021 The Colony Section Four B
S8022 The Arbors At Dogwood Creek Section 1
S8023 The Arbors At Dogwood Creek Section 2
S8024 The Colony Section Three
S8025 Resubdivision No 2 The Compound
S8026 The Colony Section One
S8027 The Crossing
S8028 The Colony Section Two
S8029 The Homestead On Hobbs Creek, Phase One
S8030 The Forest
S8031 The Long View Section One
S8032 The Hermitage
S8033 S8033 – The Fudge Resubdivision
S8034 S8034 – The Mccoy’s Subdivision
S8035 S8035 – The Meadows
S8036 S8036 – The Jaimes Subdivision
S8037 S8037 – The Pinery
S8038 S8038 – The Pines Of Alum Creek
S8039 S8039 – The Oaks
S8040 S8040 – The Ranch
S8041 S8041 – The Forest At Colorado Crossing Section 1
S8042 S8042 – The Homestead On Hobbs Creek Phase Two
S8043 S8043 – The Colony Section Four
S8044 S8044 – The Colony Section Five
S8045 S8045 – The Frank Martinez Subdivision
S8046 S8046 – The Meadows of Hobbs Creek
S8047 The Colony Section Four-A
S8048 The Colony Section Six-A
S8049 The Colony Section Six B
S8050 S8050 – The Ridge At Piney Creek
S8051 The Hamayun Commercial Subdivision
S8060 S8060 – The Settlement
S8065 S8065 – The Village At Colovista, Section 1
S8070 S8070 – The Woodlands
S8075 S8075 – Thiem Ranch
S8078 Thomas Naivar Subdivision
S8080 S8080 – Thorn Add (a46 L.lomas)
S8100 S8100 – Thousand Oaks
S8101 Tiemann Subdivision
S8102 S8102 – Tierra Vista
S8105 S8105 – Timberline Estates
S8110 S8110 – Tingle
S8112 S8112 – Tingle Acres
S8115 S8115 – Tir-hafan
S8120 S8120 – Tobin
S8125 Top Ridge Subdivision
S8128 Torres Subdivision
S8130 S8130 – Towering Oaks Estates
S8131 S8131 – Towering Oaks Estates Two
S8140 Resub of Lots 31, 32, 33, & 34 Bluebonnet Acres Blk A Sec 2
S8142 S8142 – Townsend Addition Section One
S8150 Trailrider’s Subdivision (Resub of Lot 3, Thiem Ranch)
S8155 S8155 – Tri County Feed Subdivision 1
S8158 Trem Subdivision Phase 1
S8160 S8160 – Triangle
S8170 S8170 – Trilogy Subdivision
S8171 Trinity Ranch Phase 1, Section 1
S8172 Trinidad Business Park Phase 1
S8173 Trinity Zion Subdivision
S8175 S8175 – Triple C Ranchettes
S8178 Turkey Ridge
S8180 S8180 – Turkey Run
S8182 S8182 – Turner Estates
S8183 S8183 – Turrubiarte, Benjamin
S8184 Twin Palms
S8186 Tuttrup Subdivision
S8187 S8187 – Vallejo Creek
S8188 S8188 – University Park
S8189 S8189 – Valley Creek Ranch Section 1
S8190 S8190 – Violet Crest
S8191 S8191 – Valley Creek Ranches Section 2
S8192 Vineyard of Christ Lutheran Church of Rosanky
S8193 S8193 – Victoria Bank & Trust, Bastrop Subdivision
S8194 Vicky Allen Subdivision
S8195 S8195 – Vista Del Arroyo
S8196 Upton Oaks
S8198 S8198 – Vista Ranch
S8199 S8199 – Vista Ranch Two
S8200 S8200 – Vista West
S8220 S8220 – W & O
S8225 S8225 – W W & Willie Mae Estate
S8230 S8230 – Walker, Robert
S8239 S8239 – Wallace Lundgren Subdivision
S8240 S8240 – Walnut Creek
S8245 S8245 – Walnut Creek Place
S8247 S8247 – Walnut Ridge
S8248 Walnut Street Subdivision
S8249 S8249 – Walters Subdivision
S8250 S8250 – Wanda Gale Brown Subdivision
S8251 Walnut Street Subdivision, Phase 2
S8260 S8260 – Warner
S8265 S8265 – Warrenton Subdivision
S8267 S8267 – Washington Subdivision
S8269 S8269 – Waugh Way Subdivision No. 1
S8270 S8270 – Wayside Oaks
S8275 S8275 – Webb, (ivan) Addition
S8277 Webb/Caka Subdivision
S8280 S8280 – Webberwood Section I
S8290 S8290 – Webberwood Oaks Sec 1
S8291 S8291 – Webberwood Oaks Sec 2
S8292 S8292 – Webberwood Oaks Sec 3
S8293 S8293 – Webberwood Oaks Sec 4
S8295 S8295 – Webberwood Ridge Section One
S8296 S8296 – Webberwood Ridge Section Two
S8297 S8297 – Webberwood Ridge Section Three
S8300 S8300 – Webberwood Section Ii
S8320 S8320 – Webberwood Section Iii
S8340 S8340 – Weigle
S8360 S8360 – Westbrook Sec 2
S8361 S8361 – West Ridge
S8365 S8365 – Western Woods Travis Co
S8366 Westwind Subdivision Section 1
S8367 Westwind Subdivision Section 2
S8368 Westwind Subdivision Section 3
S8369 Westwind Subdivision Section 4
S8370 S8370 – Westwood Subdivision
S8375 S8375 – Whispering Cedars
S8380 S8380 – Whispering Pines
S8385 Whitten Subdivision
S8390 S8390 – Wilbarger Creek Estates
S8400 S8400 – Wilkens
S8405 Willow Creek Farms
S8410 Will’s Place
S8420 S8420 – Wilson
S8440 S8440 – Wilson St Subd
S8445 Wilson Subdivision
S8448 S8448 – Wise
S8449 S8449 – Woehl Subdivision
S8450 S8450 – Wood Hollow Estates
S8460 S8460 – Woodlawn
S8480 S8480 – Woodress
S8485 Woodruff Addition
S8490 S8490 – Woodrun Subdivision – Section One
S8491 S8491 – Woods At Rosanky
S8493 S8493 – Woody Addition
S8494 S8494 – Woolery Subdivision
S8495 S8495 – Wright Subdivision
S8500 S8500 – Wyldwood Estates
S8501 S8501 – Wyldwood Estates 2
S8510 S8510 – Yegua Valley
S8520 S8520 – Young Subd
S8535 Zapopan Reyna Subdivision
S8540 S8540 – Ziles
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